Copper Cover

Made to order self-disinfecting
anti-ligature products

ALD and Copper Cover are working together to produce self-disinfecting anti-ligature products.

Copper has been used throughout history to prevent the spread of infectious agents – the Ancient Egyptians used copper to sterilize water, and the Ancient Greeks used copper to treat leg ulcers related to varicose veins.

Recently, copper’s antimicrobial properties have been proven in 1000’s of studies, both in laboratories and in practice, and no infectious agents have been found to survive on copper surfaces. The only problem was that fixtures made entirely of copper were too expensive for widespread use.

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Copper Cover’s technology uses rocket science to coat existing metal fixtures and fittings with a layer of antimicrobial copper. Their cold-spraying process shoots copper powder onto surfaces at twice the speed of sound , where it forms a permanent, cost-effective, self-disinfecting coating, that’s bound as tightly as a weld.

Copper Cover’s surfaces have been tested by The University of Southampton — SARS-CoV-2 was destroyed in under a minute on copper covered surfaces. Their products are also approved for biocidal use in the GB and EU, under the GB and ECHA Article 95 List, and in the US by the EPA.

Copper Cover is also suitable for NHS, care home, office, and educational establishment applications.

Proven to destroy SARS-CoV-2 in under a minute, as well as influenza, norovirus, MRSA, E.coli, CRE, CPE, and many others, the efficacy of copper as a biocide has been proven in thousands of studies. These products are coated with a self-disinfecting copper coating that’s bound as strongly as a weld.

Copper Cover is approved for biocidal use in the GB and EU, under the GB and ECHA Article 95 Lists, and in the US by the EPA.

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